Dr Abraham. You were the best doctor that I have ever known and you tried your best for me. What a wonderful gentleman too. You took good care of me. You were not only my doctor but my saviour, my lifeline, my hope and my best friend.

Dr Mathewos Abraham I met you a few years ago when you came to work as a G.P. at my local practice in Oldham. You were from Germany, born in Ethiopia. You were baffled from the start with my illness. You saw how ill I was and read the derogatory remarks in my file. Those Consultants who have been covering up those mistakes over the years made a mockery of you too. You sent me urgently to hospital due to your suspisions of malignancy etc. but they kept saying that I was okay without performing adequate tests. Trying to get me better must have been a nightmare for you. Without you I would never have known that I had Ehlers-Danlos. Thank you for everything you have done to improve my quality of life. You will be very sadly missed. R.I.P.




Dr Mathewos Abraham Was Prepared To Investigate Morgellons Just Days Before He Died! 

On Monday 31st October my husband called in the surgery with a document showing one of the numerous unexplained and unidentified sores that I have suffered from for over 20 years. On this document I included the problems with my skin, my Ehlers-Danlos etc. plus my fears about Morgellons. The next day we spoke in Dr Abrahams' consulting room. He told me and my husband who attended the appointment with me, that he had been on my web site www.morgellonsthetruth.com and the images are "horrifying!" He was quite shook up. He asked me if they were parasites. He was determined to get to the bottom of Morgellons.

Dr Abraham checked the sore on my back. He was clearly perturbed. He saw with his own eyes the plugs protuding.  Dr Abraham told us that he had never seen anything like it. He said that he would do a referral for me to see a dermatologist but he wasn't sure which one.

Dr Ho at Manchester Royal Infirmary had previously suggested in a letter that I see Prof Marks who wanted to do tests on my sores many years ago but West Pennine Health Authority refused funding then. Dr Abraham and myself have tried to find Prof Marks without success. Dr Abraham was unsure which Dermatologist to send me as Dr Gilmour at Tameside General Hospital had discharged me without any tests whatsover, just antibiotics. Dr Abraham asked if he could attach my document to the new dermatological referral and of course I agreed. As we left, he shook my hand and vowed to find out about Morgellons.

Sadly the most wonderful doctor in the world died just a few days later. R.I.P. Dr Abraham x

Update: - We have been informed that Dr Abraham died of natural causes on Monday 7th November 2011

Please read the document that Dr Abraham was given just days before he died.


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