UPDATE: -  Christine Green no longer is no longer the Chief Executive of T.G.H.


I have relatives who work at this hospital. They are caring and dedicated hard working staff. So what is the difference between TAMESIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL and other hospitals that are well run with lower mortality rates? As the Chief Executive of TAMESIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL, CHRISTINE GREEN is ultimately responsible for ALL failings at the hospital.

LET PATIENTS KNOW EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE SEEING AT T.G.H. CHRISTINE GREEN ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CONSULTANT NAMED ON THE APPOINTMENT LETTER IS THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY WITH NO INTENTION OF RETURNING!!! Dr Razzaq stated several times that he is a fully qualified Consultant in Dermatology (recorded) but refused to say how long he had been qualified as a consultant.??? In her letter of response to my query, Alice Baxter Divisional Nurse Manager states Dr Razzaq 'holds a MSc in Dermatology'... In order to practice dermatology as a consultant in the UK it is necessary to fulfill the requirements the General Medical Council has for being entered onto the Specialist Register for Dermatology. This requires having completed a full training programme or equivalent overseas. The full training programme involves 4 years as a SpR in Dermatology. Having the Diploma/MSc in Clinical Dermatology is not of direct relevance to this, what matters is whether or not the doctor fulfils the training criteria as specified by the GMC... AND THERE'S MORE!!!


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